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CTN-250 Heat Sink - DC Source (250W): HS-1AC

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MECA Catalog No. HS-1 heat sinks are specially designed to operate our CTN-250-X (250w) conduction cooled loads at full rated power. Please specify HS-1DC when fan is connected to a +48V DC source or HS-1AC when fan is connected to 110V AC source. All mounting hardware is included.

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Heat Sink Specifications and Operation:
1. Heat Sink Temperature must not exceed 80°C for proper operation and derating.
2. Ambient temeperature must not exceed 55°C @ maximum power rating of termination.
3. Heat sink designed for CTN-250-1 & CTN-250-2 terminations. For CTN-500 series terminations please specify Heat Sink HS-2.